How do I know which version of your protection I need?

– The way to find that out is to ask yourself how much risk you are willing to maintain. Our Premium package is the best way to try to prevent suffering a loss from a stolen identity, and to have ongoing access to your credit report and scores. Our basic package will act as a barrier to make you whole again if you do suffer a loss. Our Plus package provides insurance against a loss, and basic monitoring of your identity.

Do you want to try and prevent any losses from happening, and have access to your credit scores? Or do you just want basic protection to step in after a loss has occurred? If you can answer that question, you will know which package to pick.

How do I access my Identity Theft Guarantee Policy Paperwork?

– After you have purchased a protection plan, simply click on the “Member Log-in” link at the top right of any of the pages on the www.yourcreditmattersinc.com site. That will take you to our Member Portal where you can access your Identity Theft Policy.

How do I register my personal information I want you to monitor?

– After you sign up for the Premium or Plus Insurance and Monitoring service, click on the “Member Log-in” link at the top right of any of the pages on the www.yourcreditmattersinc.com site. That will take you to our Member Portal where you can register all of your personal information and the accounts that you would like us to monitor.

Is my information secure on your site?

Yes. Your personal data is stored securely in our cloud-based, professionally managed dedicated servers. Our entire site is SSL encrypted and we will NEVER share or sell your personal information for any reason. All data on our platform is regularly backed up using industry leading data backup standards.

Is there any charge to cancel my subscription to the Basic or Premium protection?

No. You can cancel any time. There is never a charge to cancel your subscription. If you ever want to cancel, the full payment made in the month that you canceled will be refunded.

What happens to my protection if I cancel?

If you cancel, your protection stops immediately. You are only eligible for protection if you are currently enrolled and in good standing on your account. We cannot assist you with any claim or identity theft recovery once you cancel your subscription.

What happens if I have identity theft while enrolled in your protection services?

You would call our fraud assistance center immediately (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year). We would then spring into action and one of our trained professionals would guide you through whatever steps needed to be taken at that time. Your designated Recovery Butler will be there to help you through every step of the process.

I can get a free credit report online. Why do I need your premium package?

There are many advantages to purchasing our premium credit monitoring package, including:

  • Most “Free” Credit reports you can order online will not include your personal credit score.
  • If you receive a “Free” credit report online, you might not understand all of the important information found on your report. Just having the report is one thing, but having 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your credit is safe is the real benefit only our premium package can provide.