Our Story

Your personal credit profile can affect every aspect of your financial life. In February of 2011, we founded Your Credit Matters to provide easy-to-use and easily implemented solutions designed to help you protect your credit.

We’re different because we’re on your side. We understand “life” happens to all of us, and we want to help you. Unlike most companies who just want to sell you your credit scores, our tools are designed to help you prevent becoming a victim of identity theft in the first place. In the event that identity theft happens, we’re here to do whatever is necessary to make sure you are made whole again.

Our Identity Theft Insurance & Identity Monitoring packages fall into three main categories:

  • Identity Theft Insurance – $1,000,000 Industry leading Protection to help cover you when it matters most
  • Identity Monitoring – Around the clock monitoring of your personal information to make sure you have a chance to stop theft before it happens
  • Credit Monitoring & Credit Scores – Complete protection. Identity Insurance, Identity Monitoring, plus daily Credit Monitoring & 24/7 access to your Credit Report and Score

Please visit our Products page to access our Credit Tools today.